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Let's find out the type of hosting www.lajulie.Twomini.com is using!

We have found 4 domains on the IP address of that is hosting as www.lajulie.Twomini.com today. Your report has been ran on March 29, 2015 at 11:19 AM for www.lajulie.Twomini.com. We will cover more about www.lajulie.Twomini.com resolving to the IP address of


But before we do, it is important for you to know what shared and dedicated hosting is, and why www.lajulie.Twomini.com could be using either one. Learn more about the differences in those types of hosting, and later on in the report you will see more details about www.lajulie.Twomini.com and our guess on the type of hosting it uses.

What is shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

With shared hosting one website shares all server resources with other customers. With dedicated hosting - sometimes called dedicated server or managed hosting - the customer gets an entire server which is not shared with anyone else. The customer has full control over the dedicated server (root access) and usually can choose a hosting plan regulated by his needs when it comes to hardware, operating system and things like this. Most hosting providers offer server administration as an add-on service.
4 domains found on Thus www.lajulie.Twomini.com looks like dedicated or shared hosting.
  1. ggg.freeserver.me
  2. klig.freeserver.me
  3. www.lajulie.twomini.com
  4. www.vdh-software.yzi.me

More information about www.lajulie.Twomini.com

www.lajulie.twomini.com resolves to the IP address The server of www.lajulie.twomini.com is located in United States. The ISP of www.lajulie.twomini.com is Hostinger International Limited and the IP address belongs to Hostinger International Limited.

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